Cultural card—an important original place of Nvwa culture.

In the north, HuangDi mausoleum in the north and nvwa mountain in the south.The legend of Pingli Nvyi Mountain and nvwa is recorded in ancient documents such as Huayang Guozhi and Xintangshu.In 2003, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Chinese Folklore Society held the "China Pingli nvwa Seminar", which has always believed that Pingli is the earliest and most concentrated origin of …



History Card—the remains of the oldest Great Wall in China.

The ancient Great Wall of pingliguanya, built by the State of Chu in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, has a history of 2700 years, about 2200 years earlier than the Badaling Great Wall, and is the oldest Great Wall in China.The idiom story of "Qin twilight Chu" interprets the wisdom of the ancients here.



Red business card—hometown of revolutionary pioneer Liao Ganwu.

Born in Pingli, Liao Qianwu joined the Communist Party of China in 1992 and served as a party representative of the "Iron Armor Caravan" founded by Sun Yat-sen and director of the Fourth Military Political Department of the National Revolutionary Army. He was marshal He Long's party introducer, one of the important plotters of the "August 1st" Nanchang Uprising, and the director of the 4th mil…


Red business

Green business card—the hometown of famous tea in China.

Pingli soil is rich in selenium and zinc, and is the best tea producing area in China.In the Tang Dynasty, Pingli was listed as one of the eight tea areas in Shannan tea area, and Sanliya Maojian in Pingli became "tribute tea" in Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty.The tea garden in the county covers an area of 230000 mu, and "Pingli Women's Tea" has been awarded the "National Geographic Indic…


Green business

Characteristic business card—the origin of Chinese Gynostemma pentaphyllum.

According to the research of China College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 199 kinds of compounds with high similarity in structure between gypenosides and ginsenosides, which have the effects of lowering three highs, promoting sleep and enhancing immunity, and are praised as "human gospel grass" by the medical profession.Pingli is the center of natural distribution and differentiat…



Colorful business card—the most beautiful countryside in China.

Pingli Mountain is beautiful,with 75.6% forest coverage and 1083 rivers over 0.5 square kilometers.Zhengyang grand meadow, tianshu gorge, taohua creek, peony valley and other special scenic spots are scattered all over the country, and the largest micro-school buildings in China reflect each other with the vast ecological tea garden.In 2012, it was selected as "China's Top Ten Most Beautiful V…


Colorful business

Warm, simple, hospitable Pingli people, sincerely invite friends from all over the world to Pingli for sightseeing, living and leisure, investment and business, I believe this beautiful and enthusiastic land will bring you surprises and gains!